Bogdan Yurievich Yashchenko (АО "НПО им. С.А. Лавочкина") :


539.3+629.78 Modeling of contact interaction of tetrahedral cell edges in solving problems of spatial body high-speed interaction

Dobritsa B. T. (Bauman Moscow State Technical University), Dobritsa D. B. (АО "НПО им. С.А. Лавочкина"), Yashchenko B. Y. (АО "НПО им. С.А. Лавочкина")

doi: 10.18698/2309-3684-2019-3-3956

The paper considers improving techniques of numerical simulation of high-speed interaction of solids, performed for designing spacecraft protection from the impact of micrometeorites and debris particles. An algorithm for the implementation of boundary conditions on the contact surface, designed for numerical simulation using Lagrangian grids and based on the control of mutual penetration of tetrahedral cells of contacting bodies at the intersection of their edges, is proposed. The algorithm is based on the calculation of reaction forces for nodes of tetrahedral cell edges of contacting bodies and correction of velocity vectors of these nodes under condition of non-penetration

Добрица Б.Т., Добрица Д.Б., Ященко Б.Ю. Моделирование контактного взаимодействия ребер тетраэдрических ячеек при решении задач высокоскоростного взаимодействия пространственных тел. Математическое моделирование и численные методы. 2019. № 3.c.39–56.