How to Sign Up?

You should follow this link and fill in all the fields of the registration form.

  • Name is your login, it must be unique on the site. It is recommended to use the login of your email account.
  • Email account must be active because the registration notice will be sent there.

After pressing the button Sign up you recieve an email with the registration notice. To activate your account, you need to follow the link in the email.

How to submit an article?

You can Sign in after registration. For this, you should click on item Login in the left menu panel. After you sign in the following items appear in the left menu panel

  • Profile. There you can edit your account data (email, password, etc.);
  • Paper. The list of all your articles, submited or reviewed.
  • Submit paper. There you can submit your article.

After submitting an article, you can find it in the user's article list. There you can find articles' titles, authors and statuses.

You will recieve emails if your article will be published, rejected or returned for revision.

Simplified submitting

You can submit an article to the editor of the journal after filling in all the field on the form. After the editor will review your article, the editoral staff will contact your by e-mail.

How to review an article?

After you become a reviewer – you should contact with the journal direction – you will be able to recieve articles on the review. Once you recieve an article on the review, you can find it on the page with the list of articles. You will also recieve an email with a notification. You can download the article in the article list. To upload a review you should click on Upload Review menu item. There you can find a field where you can upload a review. After submitting, the reviewed article will disappear in the article list.

What happens after submitting an article?

After the submission of the article, the responsible executor receives an email with a notification. He reads the article and verifies that it meets the requirements of the journal. If all requirements are met, then the article is sent to the editor with a note on the review. If the article has not been tested by a specialist, then it is returned for revision to the author. The editor choose the reviewer. The reviewer is then notified that he received an article on the review. After uploading the review, the article will receive the status of "review received" and go to the editor. And so long as the editor does not arrange a review.

If an article is ready for publication it goes into state "Submitted for publication".

After the publication of the article in the journal it goes into state "Published" and is added to the archive

How to build amsbib format?

To finalize an article submission we require bibliography of the article in the amsbib format. To build it you can use that page or build it on your own by following the instruction