The procedure for review

1. Manuscripts of scientific papers, received by the editorial online edition "Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods", are subject to mandatory peer review in order to conduct their expert evaluation.

2. Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board determines that the manuscript of the journal's profile and the requirements for registration. If the article does not match the profile of the journal, the authors reported the impossibility of its publication.

3. The manuscript is considered the Editorial Board and sent for review to a member of the Editorial Board or external expert - a specialist (doctor or PhD) having the closest to the topic scientific specialization. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed material and are published in the last three years on this profile.

4. Type of review - bilateral blind (anonymous) authors do not state the name of the reviewer and the reviewer - name and place of work of the author. Directed reviewers of the manuscript are the private property of the authors. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of manuscript and papers to transfer materials to third parties.

5. Author of the manuscript under review provided an opportunity to familiarize with the reviewers' comments. The text shall be transmitted to the author by e-mail or post.

6. Review period is usually two to three months.

7. Reviewer estimates:

  • that the content of the article its title;
  • the structure of the article (an object of research, formulation of the problem, course of studies, results and conclusions);
  • the presence of the article scientific or technical innovation;
  • advantages and disadvantages of the article.

8. The reviewer shall determine the feasibility of publishing the article:

  • take the article;
  • to accept the article with minor modifications. In this case, the text is sent to the author reviews the proposal to make the necessary changes and additions to the article or arguments to refute the comments from reviewer;
  • to review the article again after a serious processing. In this case, the author of the text is sent to review a proposal to revise the article. Recycled paper is sent to the author for re-review;
  • to reject the article. Motivated refusal to publication of the article is sent to the author, for the reopening of the material will not be accepted.

9. Reviews are stored in the publishing house and the magazine for 5 years.

10. The editorial staff send copies of reviews in the Ministry of Education and Science when requested without a signature and the name, position and place of work of the reviewer.

11. Manuscripts accepted for publication, the author will not be returned.

12. Manuscripts not accepted for publication, together with the text of a reasoned refusal shall be returned to the author.