681.513.5 Stabilization of an unstable limit cycle of relay chaotic system

Krasnoschechenko V. I. (Bauman Moscow State Technical University)


doi: 10.18698/2309-3684-2015-2-87104

The article presents an algorithm of synthesis for stabilization of an unstable limit cycle of relay chaotic system. One-dimensional discrete Poincare map is used in algorithm for finding fixed points of the period one (limit cycles of initial continuous system). It is shown, that classical OGY method of dead beat regulator synthesis does not solve the problem as it takes into account only speed of the target coordinate what is not sufficient for stabilizing. The proposed algorithm is based on search of the necessary regulator factor by solving an inverse problem: at first some factor is assigned and then two-step procedure of system transition to the following switching point (with correction) is carried out. The task of correction is performed in a complete neighborhood of target coordinate position and speed, and it provides stabilization of a limit cycle by adjusting small amplitude pulses in the chosen area of entry conditions (area of stabilization) as evidenced by the simulation results.

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Krasnoschechenko V. Stabilization of an unstable limit cycle of relay chaotic system. Маthematical Modeling and Coтputational Methods, 2015, №2 (6), pp. 87-104

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