539.376 Simulation of creep in thin-walled shellsunder variable loads

Butina T. A. (Bauman Moscow State Technical University), Dubrovin V. M. (Bauman Moscow State Technical University)


doi: 10.18698/2309-3684-2022-1-97108

Under prolonged loading during operation, structures are subject to the phenomenon of creep, which can affect its performance. This influence depends on the load level, loading duration, operating conditions, design features, and type of material. All of these factors are taken into account in testing to obtain creep curves for a specific material and various environmental conditions corresponding to the operating conditions of the structure. The paper considers the problem of calculating the creep deformations of thin-walled cylindrical shells under the combined action of internal pressure and axial force. A model of the theory of flow with hardening under variable loading is considered. A numerical example of calculating the creep deformations of a cylindrical shell for an aluminum alloy is given

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Бутина Т.А., Дубровин В.М. Моделирования ползучести тонкостенных оболочек при переменных нагружениях. Математическое моделирование и численные методы, 2022, № 1, с. 97–108.

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