Temis Yuri Moiseevich

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Academic degrees and titles




Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU)

Principal place of work and position

Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM)

Head of the Department "Dynamics and Strength of Aviation Engines" FSUE "TsIAM im. P.I. Baranova "



Scientific and public activities

Member of the editorial board of the journal "Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods in Engineering"


Laureate of the award. N.E. Zhukovsky

Lauler of the prize of AM Lyulka

Silver medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. P. L. Kapitsa

Medal of the ASSAD them. A. M. Lyul'ki

Medal of the Federation of Aviation and Cosmonautics. MV Keldysh

Areas of main scientific interests

Methods and models for studying inelastic deformation of gas turbine engine designs


More than 100 scientific works.

Citation indexes

H-index: RISC - 5, Scopus - 2, Web of Science - 2

Contact addresses

www: mipt.ru